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Beer Central — The Midlands’ New Beer Festival

There’s so much to love about modern beer festivals. From the excited, giddy atmosphere to the huge range of beer on offer, through to the mouth-watering food from talented chefs, time spent with friends and sharing that incredible beer you just discovered. Festivals are a hive of creativity, of excitement; an event fuelled by joy….

Going All In: Why Freedom is, Unsurprisingly, Great

Hundreds of beers; one glass. The freedom that ‘all in’ festivals bring, as well as the sheer bonkers level of enjoyment, is worth the price tag.

Raise The Bar: iZettle and Beer52 Announced as Partners; Deadline Extended!

Our nationwide hunt for the best young breweries is well underway. With over 60 entries received from some of the most exciting young names in the game, we’ve decided to extend the competition.

F*ck I’m Hungry — Ed. 02

F*ck I’m Hungry is simple: we ask five people who both love good food and great booze, about their favourite places to eat, and why. Charlie Harding, Food Blogger and Stout Advocate: “If you ask me, fried food and beer is the ultimate, uncontested food combo to have come out of the modern age. There…


In a few weeks we’re launching a Crowdcube campaign to raise money for our exciting new festival, Bigfoot! It’s a totally new concept for us and on a scale we’ve not done before. Held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire, Bigfoot is a camping festival that will bring together top-notch live music and amazing chefs with…

Style Icons: DEYA Brewing Co on Hoppy Beer

Style Icons is a series of quick-fire interviews with some of the people making the best representations of a range of styles. Considered one of the best breweries for (but by no means limited to) hoppy, juicy, hazy beer, Cheltenham’s DEYA produce one of our favourite Pale Ales: Steady Rolling Man. Regardless of the ubiquity…

Fridge Fillers: Yonder Brewing and Blending’s Loop

Fridge Fillers is a series of reviews of beers we find in our fridge, from exciting new brews to the old favourite we just keep coming back to. If, like me, you had a festive period filled with too much food (including two full, over-indulgent Christmas dinners—don’t ask) and too much rich, warmingly decadent booze, you’ll…

Style Icons: Lost & Grounded on Lager

Style Icons is a series of quick-fire interviews with some of the people making the best representations of a range of styles. Annie Clements knows a thing or two about lager. Having co-founded Bristol’s Lost & Grounded Brewers in 2016 with partner Alex Troncoso, the pair have gone on to grow the brewery into one…

Consider It Raised: The Competition is Back for 2019

Last spring saw the launch of our Raise The Bar competition, a nationwide hunt for the best and most exciting young breweries. The aim was simple: to find four breweries to bring to our three festivals—London, Bristol, and Edinburgh—and get them pouring alongside some of the most established names in the industry. Raise The Bar is back this year for 2019.

Low ABV, Core Range, and Simplicity: Our Predictions for the Year Ahead

Well, 2018 is over. A year that embraced trends unlike any year before it, it saw the continued rise of hazy, juicy IPA, the reactionary Brut IPA step into the game, and the words ‘buyout’ and ‘takeover’ enter the vernacular of the beer world to a greater degree. Arguably, it was one of the most…

Healthy Hospo: Working Toward a Healthier, Happier Hospitality Industry

We spoke to Healthy Hospo founder Tim Etherington-Judge about his organisation, the importance of sleep, and how the hospitality industry can take better care of itself. Hi Tim! So, what are you doing at the moment? “We’re starting doing some work in Dublin, then we have our first event of the year on the 21st…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in Manchester

24 Hours In… returns with a tour of one of Britain’s most exciting and dynamic brewing cities, Manchester, from Marble Brewery’s Jan Rogers. Jan Rogers is the director of Manchester’s Marble Brewery. A veteran of the city’s illustrious brewing scene, Jan has seen the brewery grow, throughout its history spanning twenty years, from an outfit in the back of a pub, to one of the country’s most respected breweries. Brewery/Taproom: “The best tap room I’ve visited is…

F*ck I’m Hungry Ed. 01

F*ck I’m Hungry is simple: we ask five people who both love good food and great booze, about their favourite places to eat, and why. Melissa Cole, Beer Writer and Journalist: “When you find somewhere that may well have been invented just for your tastes it’s sometimes hard to share it with the world but…

Artist’s Palate: In Conversation with To Øl’s Kasper Ledet

Within Artist’s Palate, we speak to some of our favourite creatives in the beer world about their work, their method, and their inspirations. Kasper Ledet, the creative force behind To Øl’s iconic designs, is a prolific designer, working with brands from all over the world. He’s perhaps best known, however, for his eye-catching and incredibly…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in Bristol

It’s the end of the summer, and as our send-off to the sunny season fast approaches, we asked our friend Kelly Sidgwick of Good Chemistry Brewing for her favourite places in our favourite city in the South West.

Cycle City: Bristol Craft Beer Festival IPA v2

For last year’s Bristol Craft Beer Festival, we brewed the first BCBF IPA. This year, for BCBF IPA v2, we thought that rather than bring together breweries from the south west, we’d celebrate the wider spirit of collaboration within modern beer by bringing together two old friends of our festivals, Bristol’s Left Handed Giant, and…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours In East London

In the second of our two London Craft Beer Festival special Craft Beer Guide editions, we spoke to the man behind the irresistibly fun Instagram account, Beer Farts.

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in South London

Ahead of London Craft Beer Festival this Friday, we spoke to Jen Ferguson of Peckham Rye (and now Deptford!) institution Hop Burns and Black, for her recommendations for South London.

Everyone Welcome – The Initiative Taking a Stance Against Intolerance

This Monday, as part of Manchester Beer Week, beer writer Melissa Cole launched the Everyone Welcome Initiative. The initiative aims to take a stance against intolerance in beer venues and events – no matter the form in which it appears, and intends to make sure that “everyone who walks through the door is welcome regardless,…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in Stockholm

We’re dreaming of cooler climes in this heat, and with Fatou Camara’s run-down of her favourite spots in Stockholm, it’s a welcome – if imagined – break.  

Going Nowhere: Lervig x London Craft Beer Festival

A hugely popular brewery across the UK and Europe, Lervig are known not only for their incredible beer, but also for their eye-catching and unique artwork.  This year, for London Craft Beer Festival 2018, we’ve teamed up with them to brew the official LCBF18 beer. Together, we’ve brewed a slightly sour pale ale, called Going…

Easy Drinking and Easy Thinking – the South London Brewers’ Bar

One of the most exciting features of this year’s London Craft Beer Festival is the two group bars: the East London Brewers’ Bar and the South London Brewers’ Bar. Lily headed out across South London to catch up with the breweries on the latter, and of course, drink some beer. Affinity Brew Co Tucked in a…

The Good Egg: Beer + Bagels 2018

This June, The Good Egg’s co-founders Joel Braham and Alex Coppard are bringing their Beer + Bagels series to Soho with a lineup of North America’s best delis, appetizing stores, restaurants and bagel bakeries paired with craft beers from London’s leading breweries. From NYC legends Russ & Daughters to Montreal’s famed Joe Beef and Rooster…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in San Sebastian

Our co-founder, Greg, headed out to San Sebastian at the end of May to brew a beer with Basqueland Brewing Project and Stone & Wood, for the London Craft Beer Festival. Whilst he was out there, he asked Kevin Patricio, one of the founders of Basqueland, for his recommendations for 24 Hours In San Sebastian.

Brew Like An Egyptian – How an Ancient Beer Was Brought Back to Life

A few weeks ago, in the unlikeliest of locations, an incredibly exciting historical brewing project took place. On a nano-brewery kit tucked behind the bar of Pitt Cue, the most exciting and authentic barbecue restaurant in the capital a stone’s throw from London’s Liverpool Street station, an ancient beer was brought back to life. Whilst…

Surfin’ a Wave with Basqueland Brewing Project and Stone & Wood.

When the invitation to fly down to San Sebastian to join the fun on a collaboration brew between Basqueland Brewing Project and their buddies Stone & Wood came in, I was booking flights before I’d even finished reading the email. A chance to drink beer with buddies, brew a beer, and eat at some incredible…

Rhubarb: A User’s Guide

Great ideas, creative energy, and, realistically, the essence of life itself come from previously unmet entities coming together and creating something new. It’s how the greatest works of art came into being, it’s how the most important inventions were made, and it’s how life, as we know it, began. If you look at modern craft…

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in Edinburgh

In the run up to our first festival of the year, Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival, we asked Robyn McCallum, of local bottle shop Bottle Baron, to give us her favourite places in and around the city.

‘It Smells Like Blueberry Muffins and Happiness’ – Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen

We flew out to Copenhagen at the end of last week for Mikkeller’s infamous annual festival – Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (formerly Copenhagen Beer Celebration). Some of the world’s best and most exciting breweries (and a few producers of other delicious liquids) descended on the Øksnehallen, an exhibition centre that’s more than a century old….

Craft Beer Guide: 24 Hours in Copenhagen

We came up with our new feature ’24 Hours in…’ as a way of featuring the best spots in any given place, picked by local experts with an in-depth knowledge of their city. If you’re looking for the best taproom, restaurant, or simply for something cool to do, then our ‘guides’ will have you covered….

Raise The Bar – the 2018 Winners

Introducing the 2018 Raise The Bar winners – the four very best new breweries in the country: Boxcar; Burnt Mill; Unity; and West by Three. When we began our journey to throw the best festivals we possibly could, our mission was to support young and up and coming breweries. At that time these were breweries…

A Beer Scene Growing Little by Little

I went to Gothenburg, as part of the We Are Beer team, to brew a collaboration beer with Dugges and managed to squeeze in a few of the week’s events. From the brief snapshot that I experienced GBG is a city with a strong, thriving, and creative beer scene, not unlike the punk scene of a small town – small and tightly knit, but no worse off for it; a proper ‘scene’.

We Have Lift Off! Space, Time, and Imperial Stout…

To celebrate the launch of We Are Beer and the 2018 festivals we’ve created a special collaboration beer with Dugges, Wiper & True, Tempest and Gipsy Hill. Released in three editions throughout the year; this is a journey in flavour you don’t want to miss.

Hello. We Are Beer.

You might know us through our festivals, you might not. Anyway, We Are Beer and welcome to our new digital publication, all about modern beer culture – creativity, people and places. Who are we? Our journey in beer began in earnest in 2013, with a small festival in London. Actually, the London Craft Beer Festival…