‘It Smells Like Blueberry Muffins and Happiness’ – Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen

Written by Lily Waite
Published on May 16, 2018

We flew out to Copenhagen at the end of last week for Mikkeller’s infamous annual festival – Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (formerly Copenhagen Beer Celebration). Some of the world’s best and most exciting breweries (and a few producers of other delicious liquids) descended on the Øksnehallen, an exhibition centre that’s more than a century old. With my camera and glass in hand, I set out to capture the spirit of Europe’s biggest craft beer festival.

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2018, by We Are BEER

The Kernel brewery pouring at Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2018, by We Are BEER

As wonderful it was to make so many new friends from all over the world, bonding over many delicious festival pours of so many diverse beers, it’s always nice to catch up with old friends. Though there weren’t many long queues for their stand, The Kernel were in still in high demand, and there Bière de Saison Crab Apple was definitely one of our beers of the festival. 

Coming from the UK scene, perhaps the most surprising offerings at the festival were the numerous meads – something I think we’ll see much more of in the coming years. Tequila and pineapple mead, anyone?

As you’d expect from a festival with some of the most-hyped breweries on the planet, there was no shortage of lengthy queues. The joy of ‘all in’ festivals, however, is the times when you can walk straight up to a world-class brewery and chat to the people behind it. Special mention goes to Kenny of The Alchemist (above), and his ‘don’t be a douchebag’ attitude – one he certainly lives by.


To be fair to the gentleman above, the glasses are beautiful, and even more so when filled with beer.


Despite the stampedes, the queues, and the frankly overwhelming atmosphere, the pleasure the brewers (and one or two proud parents) took in talking to festival-goers is testament to the spirit of the festival. As the saying goes; beer people are good people.

Of course, how else could the two days end other than with a marching band, headed up by Mikkel, leading the brewers out of the venue. Beer festival have something of a carnival-like feel about them, and no more than when a surprise brass band plays Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Because why not.