Introducing Bigfoot – a brand new festival & a taste of the good life

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Published on December 10, 2019

This is the biggest and most exciting thing we’ve done. While it is not a craft beer festival, it’s the summer festival go-to for any craft beer fan.

Our dream has always been to put the breweries and artisan drinks producers up there on a festival line-up alongside the musicians, headline chefs and food experiences. We obviously feel they are the same creative people, who make awesome stuff, that should be celebrated. If our mission is to make brewing as exciting as any other art form – then this festival had to happen.

Obviously the inspiration for the festival came from being at so many festivals that are tied to really crap, mass manufactured beer brands. It’s just the worst experience. Even where a little bit of good beer has got in, there’s never choice. We felt that had to change with Bigfoot.

We want to enjoy a quality IPA with a headline set, or lol about on the grass with a saison, we want a night cap imperial stout, and quality lager over lunch to launch the day’s festivities. No festival has ever accommodated this until Bigfoot.

But beyond the beer choices, the music stages, the amazing chefs, this is about celebrating elements of modern beer and brewing culture that require a new kind of festival. First up, being out in nature, by water, trees, fields and  farms celebrates the provenance of beer that forms the foundations for brewery arches, beer innovation and can art we all love so much. We wanted a festival out in nature, and this exactly the roots of Bigfoot – the freedom to get out and explore.

Also, while this is a festival curated for an amazing weekend, we know that there is a big family element in craft beer that is often not catered to in the UK festivals, and that is also a big part of Bigfoot Festival. We want you to come with friends, come with family, come with curiosity!

Bigfoot will allow for the whole family to enjoy the experience with awesome children’s programming – growing their love of quality food – and a beautiful festival site to enjoy tree climbing, boating lake and forest walks. There’ll be awesome an family cafe, and a quiet family camping area from which to enjoy the whole weekend.

We can’t wait to tell you about our headline bands, the awesome chefs, the hidden festival treats we’ve got planned, but as much as anything we can;t wait to tell you about all the great beer you’ll get to enjoy while experience this brand festival.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and we truly hope we’re going to deliver something exciting and new to come along to alongside the craft beer festivals in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Team WAB x