Hello. We Are Beer.

Written by Greg Wells
Published on May 3, 2018

You might know us through our festivals, you might not. Anyway, We Are Beer and welcome to our new digital publication, all about modern beer culture – creativity, people and places.

Who are we?

Our journey in beer began in earnest in 2013, with a small festival in London. Actually, the London Craft Beer Festival was just a question in an email subject line (london craft beer festival?) that grew a life of its own. Back then, no one really knew what was going on, but we knew that something special was brewing in beer and that we wanted to do something to contribute. These were heady times; Logan at Beavertown was pumping wort out of his BBQ joint’s basement, Mikkel and Jacob at Mikkeller were bombing around in vans doing what is now known as cuckoo brewing, and The Kernel had just opened their current brewery.

Fast forward 5 years and on top of the London festival, we’re now working with amazing breweries up in Scotland with the Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival, and in the South West with the Bristol Craft Beer Festival. It’s a year-round effort celebrating quality, independent, flavour-driven beer.

That brings us to the site you’re now on..

We’re launching We Are Beer as an online publication to tell great stories about modern beer culture. If you read the stories we’re opening the site with, you’ll see a glimpse of the things we’ve got going on throughout this year and the next. We’re incredibly excited to show you what we get up to, but also talk about and share the things we find exciting and important beyond our festivals.

Beyond news on the beer with which we’re launching this site (thanks to Dugges, Tempest, Wiper & True and Gipsy Hill), we have another beer brewed by a great gang of the foremost female brewers in the country, features and news on the four breweries we feel are the very best new breweries in the country, and a whole bunch of other stuff . Stay tuned, it’ll be cool.

Before I sign off I wanted to tell you about the name We Are Beer – it is really important to us. Beer’s creativity – what makes it so f***ing exciting – rests on the diversity of breweries, beer styles, and people making and drinking. In short, together, we are all part of modern beer and we all play a role in making it amazing. So, We Are Beer is our invitation to you to join us on this journey, banging the drum for the world’s best drink.


Greg, Dan & the We Are Beer team