Finding Bigfoot — The Next Step for We Are Beer

Written by We Are Beer Staff
Published on April 10, 2019

We’re currently raising £300,000 to launch Bigfoot – a weekend campaign festival that brings together the best in food, beer and music. Head over to Crowdcube to invest today and get VIP tickets, exclusive merch and equity! Capital at risk.

When we started the London Craft Beer Festival back in 2013, it wasn’t just for the love of good beer. 

Our main aim was to champion all the new amazing breweries we’d discovered by connecting them with likeminded people, but it was also a great chance to change up the beer festival scene by bringing in great chefs and DJs.

We love how our festivals feel as much like a food or music festival as a beer festival and it’s that vibe we want to bring to our latest event, Bigfoot. For too long, national music festivals have served up bad beer and dull food as a result of sponsorships from multinational companies. We think it’s time to give independent, creative brewers and chefs the same platform that the musicians get. Make no mistake, it’s the biggest project we’ve ever put together and it’s going to be totally different to our other festivals, but it comes from the same place.

Bigfoot is a weekend camping festival that brings together the world’s best breweries and chefs, with a full live music roster. From where we’re stood, the music festival model looks tired and tainted by the sponsorships of giant brands that remove variety and excitement from everything except what’s on stage. We want to give the food and beer the same weighting as the music, something we don’t think has ever been done. 

We’ve found a beautiful location in Ragley Hall, which has never seen a music festival before but perfectly blends the escapism we want with the facilities that make it great for a weekend, family event. Onto this lake and forest-strewn site we’re going to put two live music stages, incredible restaurant and producer stands from all over the country, and of course bars stocked with world-class beer. We’ll be putting together private dining and banqueting events; classes with butchers, bakers and vintners; meet the brewers and tasting sessions all on top of a full live music programme from some of the best up-and-coming musicians and DJs. For a clearer idea of what we’re aiming for, check out this video which forms part of our campaign to secure the site and start booking the bands and chefs we want to make this a special event.

All our previous events have been adult-based and urban, but Bigfoot will be a family friendly event that helps people escape for a few days; a utopia for people like us – people who love great food, beer, wine and music. It’s a huge undertaking and we need your help, but we think we are the best place company to revolutionise the weekend festival format, just we did with beer festivals seven years ago.