F*ck I’m Hungry — Ed. 02

Written by We Are Beer Staff
Published on February 20, 2019

F*ck I’m Hungry is simple: we ask five people who both love good food and great booze, about their favourite places to eat, and why.

Charlie Harding, Food Blogger and Stout Advocate:

“If you ask me, fried food and beer is the ultimate, uncontested food combo to have come out of the modern age. There is something about the crisp crunch of batter, the oily sensation on the tongue and the cool, cleansing swig of a cool lager or Pale Ale. Thankfully in Bristol, Wing’s Diner and Small Bar joined forces and I can indulge myself whenever I want. Wing’s has a Korean twist, pairing their burgers and dirty fries with sweet, spicy sauces, kimchi, peanuts and of course fried chicken. Small Bar obliges Wing’s fans with a cereal variety pack of beers to try, each separated into styles—to make the sometimes impossible mission of choosing a little easier. If you want my tip: the dirty fries with Korean sauce and kimchi, and a glass of Lost and Grounded Keller Pils. Heaven in a basket.”

Credit: Wing’s Diner

Derek Bates, Co-Founder of Duration Brewing:

“Once a little South of the river secret (not so secret anymore), I’m hard-pressed to think of a more favoured spot for me than Silk Road in Camberwell. Showing just how broad Chinese food can be (with the Xinjiang region specifically on show) you’ll get served typically unfamiliar but delicious flavours of charcoal-cooked skewers of lamb, and chunks of its hot dripping fat, sweet and spicy homestyle aubergine, and my personal favourite the Extra Hot Chinese Leaves: simple shredded cabbage somehow transcended with vinegar and chilis—careful though: “in like a lion, out like a dragon”. Go ahead and put the toilet paper in the freezer in preparation for the next day, if you know what I mean.

All of this is washed down with ice-cold Tsingtao coming as fast as you can drink them, a simple beer but a seemingly perfect accompaniment to this food. If Tsingtao don’t float your boat though, never fear; the Stormbird pub is just a couple doors down and provides a perfect aperitif or digestif (often both in my case) for all of your beer needs. Whenever I need a pick me up, this one-two combo of Silk Road and Stormbird always hits the spot.”

Credit: Time Out

Doreen Barber, Community Engagement, Cloudwater:

“I grew up in Japan as a kid, so when I can find a Japanese restaurant that can cater to both my nostalgia and my vegetarianism, it’s a joyous affair and I become a very loyal customer. I have a few favourite places for Japanese food, but I’ll tell you about the one that’s already pretty well known.

Koya Bar in London’s Soho is one of my favourite places to eat. They have three locations now, but I’ve only ever been to the Soho one. I nearly always opt for the kitsune udon with the fried tofu floating in warming broth like the thickest umami duvet for your tastebuds. I often add a poached egg to it, and sometimes natto if I’m after some extra heft. You can’t go wrong with whatever pickled item they have, too.

I try to beat the crowd and come in for breakfast because udon all day every day AND they do coffee refills (I KNOW), but if I’ve managed to slip in on an evening when there’s not a queue out the door, there’s often a Table Beer or IPA from The Kernel Brewery in bottle enjoyed alongside their delicious food.”

Credit: Koya

Greg Wells, co-founder, We Are Beer:

“One of my favourite restaurants is Timberyard in Edinburgh. The menu is ambitious and really well-executed—I can’t pick a single dish as it’s always changing but everything I’ve had there is always adventurous and utterly delicious. The fact the team behind are so young is awe-inspiring, and you really feel the passion and enthusiasm in every detail. Also, as a beer lover, this probably has the best beer list in the country—classic Pils or Belgian Lambic—the list is bonkers and has it all! The wine list unsurprisingly comprises of all the exciting natural producers you’ll get at the best spots in East London—so all good from me! Lastly, the building is beautiful; a converted old timberyard that is simultaneously epic and really intimate.”

Credit: Timberyard

Gautam Bhatnagar, founder, Craft Beer Cares:

“I first came across Bao, back in the early days of KERB, when the trio of owners were dishing out, rain or shine from a gazebo perched on the grandiose-sounding ‘King’s Boulevard’ in King’s Cross. Unfamiliar with Taiwanese cuisine, I was blown away by the soft fluffy Baos, filled with deliciously spiced slow-cooked pork, topped with coriander, greens and crushed nuts—as well as, frankly, my number one fried chicken in town. The Bao empire has now grown to three permanent sites in Soho, Fitzrovia and London Fields (with one more due in Borough Market), as well as their ‘luxury dining’ Taiwanese Tea House & Restaurant – Xu.

On a day when I need a mouthful of pure cheer, you’ll be sure to find me at one of the two larger venues, Soho (no bookings, be prepared to queue), or ‘Fitz’, both of which now showcase an expanded range of ‘Xiao Chi’ – Taiwanese small plates. Standouts include pig blood cake (served with umami-filled cured egg yolks), beef cheek and tendon nuggets, as well as Taiwanese fried chicken – together with an expanded selection of Bao (fried chicken, daikon, beef short rib, black cod, and more!).

All of this is paired with an expansive and innovative drinks list, featuring ever-changing cocktails (previously featuring luminaries such as ‘Mr. Lyan’), including non-alcoholic offerings—try the fermented Yakult Float or Peanut Milk! It’s honestly rare to find a restaurant with a menu of this consistent quality anywhere in London. You really can order with impunity for an incredible experience – all at a price that won’t destroy your bank balance.”

Credit: Bao