F*ck I’m Hungry Ed. 01

Written by We Are Beer Staff
Published on January 2, 2019

F*ck I’m Hungry is simple: we ask five people who both love good food and great booze, about their favourite places to eat, and why.

Melissa Cole, Beer Writer and Journalist:

“When you find somewhere that may well have been invented just for your tastes it’s sometimes hard to share it with the world but Goed Zuur deserves all the love it gets.

An all-sour beer taproom with outstanding food, and intuitive pairings, it’s a collaboration between Anthony Lopiccolo behind the stoves, co-owner John Fayman choosing the beers, and cheesemonger Rachel Smith laying out the best cheeses, charcuterie and, believe it or not, a flight of butter – and I give zero fucks about how pretentious that might sound, it was astonishing.”

Jonny Hamilton, Beavertown Brewery:

“Imagine all the perks of Hackney’s P Franco; the small plates, seasonal produce, the wine selection, the friendly and casual service, but with the ability to book a table, a larger menu, and more space to stretch out, and you have Bright.

Eating there was easily my favourite dining experience in 2018, and their Mortadella party was a summer highlight. Popping in for a glass or two or wine, and impulse ordering the simple-yet-irresistible Pizza Fritta is an experience of immense pleasure.”

Credit: Bright

Claire Bullen, Beer Writer:

“It is easy to like DUM Biryani House, even if it presents diners with an impossible challenge. The restaurant—which is housed in the recesses of a Soho basement—specialises in, as its name suggests, dum biryani: a variation of the dish that is typically sealed in a lidded pot or, in this case, covered with a round of dough. As it cooks, its layers of rice and meat or vegetables steam together until gently melded and tender. When served, the dish resembles a drum; prise off its pastry lid and it releases generous wafts of spice-scented steam.

Two people would struggle to finish one order of biryani; a single diner could never (especially because the restaurant’s other dishes, like its andhra prawn fry and dahi kebabs, are also must-orders). Every meal I’ve had at DUM Biryani House has ended in overstuffed defeat, but I don’t mind: sometimes it is a pleasure to test yourself, to take your appetites to their outer reaches.”

Credit: DUM Biryani House

Adam Robertson, Verdant:

“We are blessed here in Falmouth with great food, but our favourite restaurant is The Kitchen. A tiny spot based in Brewery Yard, the food here is local, seasonal and fresh. Expect seafood, game, foraged ingredients and some truly stunning flavours. Small plates designed to share, paired with their very own beer—aptly named The Kitchen, brewed by yours truly, Verdant Brewing Co. It’s an intimate spot with a house party vibe, the food is second to none, the puddings are divine; we visit whenever we can. Book in advance as it gets full very quickly!”

Credit: The Kitchen

Mike Huddart, Gipsy Hill:

“Ducksoup – humbly nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Dean St, Soho – carries you to a place of comfort and contentment. The building is intimate, offering an ever-changing menu tied to the seasons and a perfect wine to match each dish. They know who they are and what they want to be – and they do it wonderfully! Admittedly, I haven’t made it there in last the quarter of the year. But with every intimation of going out for lunch, dinner, wine, shopping, that art exhibit we must see… Duck Soup is always at the tip of my tongue as a must-go.”