Cheese and Beer — The Art of Pairing with Two Belly

Written by Lily Waite
Published on April 26, 2019

As well as a stellar lineup of some of Bristol’s best kitchens, we’ve got one of our favourite venues, Two Belly, serving up some delicious cheese. We spoke asked them to pick their three current favourite combos!

Moor Beer Co Benny Havens (barley wine) with Coolea (pasteurised cow’s milk).

The rich and boozy fruit notes of Moor’s Benny Heavens and Coolea’s sweet, nutty and butterscotch flavours seem like they were created for each other. A classic barley wine, Benny Havens has a full and well-rounded body that requires bold flavours and is particularly well matched with caramel and toffee flavours, Coolea provides this in abundance and has a smooth buttery curd that breaks down like fudge tablet when paired with the right beer – Benny Havens!

Bristol Beer Factory Russian Imperial (imperial stout) with Stichelton (raw cow’s milk).

A big beer and a big cheese come together and shake the very foundations of the earth. The beer, with its bold coffee and liquorice flavours backed by a cacao bitterness, is rich and warm. The cheese is creamy, meaty, bold with fruit notes and a salty richness, and sometimes has a chocolatey rind. Together, these are a riotous pairing to finish any tasting session or dinner party

Lost & Grounded Keller Pils (Pilsner) Sinodun Hill Goat’s cheese (raw goat’s milk).

Keller Pils is bready and crisp with a herbaceous hop finish. Sinodun Hill has a mousse-like curd with a fruity rich rind and the lightness of the beer matches well with the light texture of the cheese, its bready notes accentuating the fruitiness of the cheese with the crisp carbonation cutting through the richness of the rind. 

We’re heading to Two Belly on the 2nd May to launch Alphonso The Passionate Man-Goose, the official BCBF19 IPA.