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Brave Noise X We Are Beer Collaboration

We Are Beer proudly presents a collaboration with Brave Noise across all of their UK festivals this year.

Brave Noise is a global collaborative effort to provide inclusive and safe environments for women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ throughout the beer industry.

The Brave Noise collaboration was inspired by those who have shared stories about gender discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and sexual harassment within the brewing industry. A statistic from UN Women UK shows that over 70% of women in the UK say they have experienced some kind of sexual harassment in public. By joining the Brave Noise initiative, alcohol-related companies must post their code of conduct publicly, commit to the long-term work for safe and discrimination-free workspaces, and donate a majority of proceeds to a non-profit that reflects the Brave Noise mission. 

We Are Beer in turn have published on their website their code of conduct, harassment and discrimination policies, and promote the Everyone’s Welcome Initiative, which We Are Beer have implemented since the initiatives launch in 2018.

We Are Beer stands firm and supports this important movement for change, diversity, and inclusiveness. Beer has always been a great unifier, and Brave Noise Brew is helping bring the industry together, facilitating conversations about how as a whole the community can do better, and create inclusive and safe environments for staff and consumers. Festival fans and craft beer lovers will have the chance to enjoy a fun day out while enjoying this delicious brew. 

Greg Wells, We Are Beer founder says of Brave Noise:

“We have been so inspired by the Brave Noise Organisation and their important message advocating for safe spaces and inclusive environments by requesting breweries be transparent with their policies and commit to long-term changes. 

“We will be promoting this message of inclusivity to all 30,000+ attendees coming to all our We Are Beer festivals across the UK this summer, with the US Brave Noise team even joining us on site at London Craft Beer Festival’s 10-year anniversary.”

Brienne Allan, Co-Founder Brave Noise, Brewer and Co-Founder of Sacred Profane Brewery and Tankpub said:

“Accountability, transparency and action. That’s what we want to see through the Brave Noise collab and initiative. It’s great to see We Are Beer festivals stepping up to create safe spaces at their upcoming events. We need to see more folks around the globe taking the initiative to create safe spaces at fests.”

The Brave Noise beer is a summery sessionable beer perfect for drinking across this year’s We Are Beer festivals, brewed in the UK by Lost and Grounded.

A celebration of brewing culture, We Are Beer’s festivals include Bristol Craft Beer Festival, Manchester Craft Beer Festival, Beer Central (Birmingham), Glasgow Craft Beer Festival and London Craft Beer Festival – which celebrates its 10th year this year. To add to the celebrations, Brienne Allen, Ren Navarro and Ash Eilot from the Brave Noise team will be attending this year’s festival in London. The core mission of the festivals is celebrating the creativity, diversity, and dynamism of modern brewing culture, keeping beer exciting, inspiring and outward looking; bringing new people into modern beer culture to enjoy it.

We want to say a big thank you to the Lost and Grounded team for their hospitality, to Helen Anne Smith of Burum Collective and Emma O’Neill-Parsons of Merakai Brewing for joining us for the brew day, and finally, the biggest thank you to the Brave Noise team for working hard across the pond to get this going and for their trust in us to spread their message of inclusivity.

For more information on how you can support Brave Noise, visit:

To try the beer at this year’s festivals visit our festival sites: Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Beer Central (Birmingham)