Bigfoot is not a beer festival. But if you love good beer, it’s the festival you want to be at.

Written by Greg Wells
Published on March 5, 2020

I want you to close your eyes, and think about the summer ahead. 

The sun is beating, the weather is warm, and your heading off to a weekend music festival with your best pals.

You arrive late Friday afternoon, pitch your tent, and stroll down to a gorgeous stage by a lake to see an electric sunset set from an amazing band. As the night moves on, the laughs grow – you’re now cutting loose and throwing shapes under the stars to some amazing DJs. The following days and nights are spent lazing by a lake, in meadows, enjoying music, more revelry, more summer fun.

The sunsets over Bigfoot, wait it hasn’t happened yet? Is this stock photography?

Sounds idyllic right? 

The only thing ruining it is the insipid taste of overly-priced, crap beer you’re forced to have. 

Now, imagine the above, but at every turn there’s an incredible beer from one of your favourite breweries. That opening gig is enjoyed with cans fresh from Verdant Brewing Co. beer, those dance moves are cut through with crisp and refreshing Harbour Brewing Co. Lager, and all that lolling about with pals is done sippin’ on a Five Points JUPA. 

Harbour Brewing’s crisp lager, brewed using trad German techniques are some the very finest in the UK

Imagine all the brewery crews and the fellow beer scene are down, enjoying all of this with you.

Well, that picture you’ve got in your head is Bigfoot Festival. This is something brand new, designed for you!

Anyone who knows our craft beer festivals – London, Bristol, Edinburgh & Beer Central – knows we love the best beers and breweries, the best food, and like to create a lot of fun, a crackling atmosphere to big name DJ acts. 

We wanted to take the essence of that and create a music festival based on what we love. We got tired of going to music festivals, and seeing them missing out on everything great in modern beer. We felt aggrieved the breweries we love are passed over for corporate monopoly ties. 

So we took those frustrations went and created a music festival for ourselves and our pals the breweries. 

At Bigfoot, our main festival bars will have fresh cans from Verdant, Harbour and Five Points – amongst the amazing drinks. So all weekend you can enjoy the finest brews. On top of that, we’re re-creating a little of the craft beer festivals – so we’ve got 20 breweries coming to pour all kinds of specialist beers from IPAs to wild fermented saisons –  Northern Monk, Deya and The Kernel to name but a few. 

We’ve also got some breweries creating their own areas of the festival – Signature Brew are running their own stage, showcasing amazing musical talent, and wait til you here what Two Tribes are doing with fire, food and some of the best chefs in the country.

Look at the people, look at the juice. We managed to run a pop up one year at a festival and people went crazy for the fine tastes of modern hoppy pales on a sunny day.

For this event we wanted to go beyond us beer geeks, though. So we’ve got natural wine bars from some the best UK importers, including some fine English wines. We’ve also got fine cider producers and some incredible spirits from the likes of Starward, East London Liquor Co. and Compass Box. 

All this delicious beer-geekery is wrapped around some insane food and five stages of music that’ll make this an amazing weekend. 

We know the beer crowd is diverse and eclectic and so we’ve reflected this in our music policy. 

So while it is not a beer festival, it is a music festival designed for you – the beer lovers who’ve supported us over the many years. 

So grab a ticket, pack your tent and we’ll see you stage left for a beer.