Aizle, Harajuku Kitchen, and The Buffalo Truck — An Interview with ECBF Chefs

Written by We Are Beer Staff
Published on April 4, 2019

What are you excited for at Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival?

Aizle: “We are excited about doing a new event for us , its a little bit different than what we usually do so it gets us out into town for a couple days!”

Harajuku Kitchen: “I’m excited to meet all the beer makers and food vendors, and enjoy the music. Hopefully some of my friends will show up, too!”

The Buffalo Truck: “I’m excited to try all the beers, and also get my hands on some merch…”

What’s your favourite thing about food and drink festivals?

A: “I really love when the sun’s shining outside; with great food and drink what more could you ask for? Also, getting to see lots of new producers and sample things that may open up our minds to new things.”

HK: “I love meeting people and making friends, dancing away like crazy.”

TBT: “My favourite thing is the food and the drink—sorry to be a dick, but it’s true!”

We’re brewing a watermelon, hibiscus, and mint sour beer for the festival—what dish might you pair with that?

A: “Wow, that’s quite the combo! It sounds pretty fresh, so I could see perhaps a raw fish dish with maybe a watermelon crushed granite? Send us some free samples and we shall let you know!”

HK: “I’d do a grilled dish to go with it, as it would go well with barbecue!”

TBT: “I’d pair the watermelon with the buffalo fried chicken burger, or the hibiscus with the Korean chicken burger.”

Finally, what’s your favourite of your own dishes?

A: “The bread course is generally my favourite course, our Sourdough Brioche is my current fave, stuffed with confit chicken and topped with burnt onion mayo and fresh truffles! Going to do do a version of it for the festival.”

HK: “My favourite is our best-selling Gyoza, which is handed down through generations of my mother’s family.”

TBT: “My favourite dish is the Buffalo chicken burger—with extra pickles!”

Catch Aizle, Harajuku Kitchen, The Buffalo Truck, and more at Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival on the 24th and 25th of May, for delicious food, great beer pairings, and dancing like crazy!